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About Frontier College

As Canada's original non-profit literacy organization, Frontier College recruits and trains volunteers to deliver literacy programs to children, youth and adults in communities across the country. Frontier College has been working on the front lines to improve Canada’s literacy rates since 1899. Our roots are in the rail gangs that opened the West and in the lumber and mine camps that lay the basis for Canada’s resource-based economy. In the early days, Frontier College recruited teachers who worked alongside labourers by day and taught them to read and write at night. 

Today, we work in Canada’s most impoverished communities training volunteers to help children, youth and adults with low literacy improve their reading and writing skills. In 2016,  2,697 Frontier College volunteers worked with more than 31,802 individuals in inner-city classrooms, women’s shelters, prisons, community centres and Indigineous communities across the country to improve literacy.

Literacy is an essential skill in today’s world. At Frontier College, we believe it’s a fundamental right. Low literacy skills are directly linked to poverty, poor health and unemployment. Over 40% of Canadian adults have trouble with everyday tasks that involve reading. That’s millions of Canadians who are not reaching their potential. Minimum literacy requirements have evolved with globalization and new technology.  Canadians have to be more skilled at reading, writing, counting and computing in order to compete for jobs and participate as informed citizens. Through a network of thousands of volunteers, Frontier College is helping people to realize their potential and seize the opportunities that come their way.

Frontier College has been a leader in literacy for over 118 years, and our work has never been more important that it is in today’s knowledge-based economy.
To learn more about Frontier College, go to www.frontiercollege.ca or call us as 1-800-555-6523 or 416-923-3591, ext. 242.