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The Scrabble Corporate Challenge is a fun-filled evening where Bay Street scores big for literacy. This is an excellent opportunity to entertain key clients, business associates and valued employees with a rewarding evening of fun and excitement.  Players will rack up triple word scores to vie for the coveted TMX Cup and the opportunity to open the Toronto Stock Exchange.





A tournament based on a word game is the perfect event to bring awareness to low literacy rates in Canada. Literacy is an essential skill in today’s world. At Frontier College, we believe it’s a fundamental right. Low literacy skills are directly linked to poverty, poor health and unemployment. More than 40% of adult Canadians do not have the literacy skills required to perform everyday tasks such as reading e-mail or helping their children with their homework.

Since 2005, this unique event has raised $3.4 million for Frontier College and its important mission to improve literacy rates across Canada.  Thank you Corporate Canada for believing in the power or literacy to transform the lives of our learners.

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